Pilot Services

APTA specializes in over-dimensional services for your heavy haul, wide load, and over-length loads – in Alberta, Western Canada, the North and in the US.

Our highly-trained and experienced pilots will safely & skillfully deliver your load to its destination. Our fleet is made up of professionally trained, reliable owner-operator pilot truck drivers.

Our trucks are fully equipped with GPS Navigation, installed VHF/UHF radios pre-programmed with Carriers’ channels, hand-held radios,  and a full complement of safety equipment. Our Pilots who travel to the US are also equipped with CB radios and high-pole equipment. We provide late model, well-maintained pick-up trucks; most trucks also have a dash-cam to ensure an accurate record of each trip.

We provide courteous, experienced and timely service for the transport industry, and will do everything we can to meet your expectations.



Cross-Border Services

APTA is experienced providing Piloting/Escort services to and from the US/Canadian Border. We also have provided piloting supports for our clients within the US.

The majority of our pilots have US Piloting Certification (Utah Certified) and have insurance and liability for US travel.

Many of our clients prefer to book our pilots to work with them transporting their over-sized load from its Canadian point of manufacturing to the US destination.  Our teamwork, skills and safety focus, allow for shorter trips, which can result in lower costs for the carrier.

Call us to talk about your trans-border needs.





Traffic Control Services

APTA’s Traffic Control Personnel play a key role in keeping everyone safe while your crew focuses on their tasks. Our staff will control traffic while obstructions and hazards are removed from the control zone.

Our skilled flaggers are alert and professional; they can anticipate potential hazards, and adapt to changing situations. APTA flaggers are fully trained, equipped with Hi-Vis gear, and required traffic control equipment.

We work to protect the crew at your site, motorists, & members of the public who pass through the traffic control zone. We can help you meet your safety targets, and get your work done faster.




Light Turning Services

Fully trained and experienced Light Turners are a key part of APTA’s Traffic Control Team.  All are fully equipped with Hi-Vis gear, radios, signs, and light turning bars. Our pilots or light turners can temporarily rotate aerial obstructions like traffic lights, and warning boards for the safe transport of over-height cargo.

Our procedures meet or exceed all Provincial safety requirements, and will assist you to meet carriers’ specific safety protocols. 

Our crew can travel with your load part way, or we can meet up with you at the required intersections. Light Turners are available to protect everyone traveling through the area – your truck and its load, your support vehicles, other motorists, and members of the public.

Call us for safe and efficient transit through challenging areas.

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