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Alberta Pilot Truck Alliance Ltd. (APTA) was created in 2011 with the clear objective to provide the most professional, best trained and safest pilots possible.

APTA goal is to ensure the safe transport of over-dimensional loads by adhering to our 3 Pillars of Excellence; Safety, Training & Integrity. Alberta Pilot Truck Alliance received our “COR” Certification in June 2015 and hold an unblemished safety record with a TRIF of “0”. Since APTA began operations in 2011, we have created and provided competency-based training and certification for Escort Vehicle Operators including Municipalities located along Alberta’s High Load corridor.

APTA Approach

APTA Approach

Since Alberta Pilot Truck Alliance opened in 2011, we have grown to over 20 highly -trained pilots, light turners and traffic control team who have the experience to ensure that your over-dimensional loads reach their destination safely.

APTA's highly-trained pilots are all Owner-Operators, and are invested in providing the highest quality services for our clients.  Each pilot operates a fully-equipped late model 4×4 pick-up truck to ensure maximum reliability. APTA has adopted the use of dash cameras in all vehicles to record any issues during a job; this policy has proven beneficial in a number of instances for our clients.

APTA pilots are provided with in-depth classroom training using the Canadian Pilot Truck Training Program. This course was developed over a 10-year period including actual on-road experiences.  Each pilot also receives over 140 hours of on-road training, and mentoring.

Alberta Pilot Truck Alliances' office is fully integrated with our on-road team using tablets, smart phones and Microsoft Office for Invoicing and communication. Field work can be supported by our mobile on-site office trailer.

APTA Safety Record

Safety Record

APTA passionate about safety and our safety statistics reflect this.

In addition to APTA's role-specific training, our highly-trained pilots are required to complete other safety-focused industry courses such as: Flagging; Transportation of Dangerous Goods; WHMIS; First Aid; H2S Alive; Construction Safety Training Program; PPE Training; and Fire-Extinguisher Training.

APTA’s Total Reportable Incident Frequency 2011-2019

APTA Reportable Incidents
2011 – 2022
Fatalities 0
Lost Time Incidents 0
Modified / Restricted Duty 0
First Aid 0
Vehicle Accidents 0
Kilometers Driven > 9,200,000 km
Total TRIF
0 incidents
APTA Milestones



APTA Company start-up; Safety Program Initiated


Incident Reporting started


Began COR Accreditation Process;  and HSE Program Development


Pilot Training Program Documentation fine-tuned


COR Certification Received


A busy year on the roads of Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, NWT, and Yukon


11 Pilots now US Certified


COR Re-certification audit completed


Busiest year to date – work exceeds all projections

APTA Milestones



Partnered with a Burns Lake Native Development Corporation


COR Re-certification audit completed


Partnered with Sucker Creek First Nations and Kelly Lake Metis Settlement Society

COR Safety Certification

COR Safety Certification

We are proud to announce that we received our Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) in 2015.

APTA is the first third-party independent Pilot Truck / Escort Vehicle company in Alberta to have achieved this high standard.

Verification of our compliance with COR is evaluated regularly by our Certifying Body, the AMTA (Alberta Motor Transport Association).

We re-certified under COR in 2018.

We re-certified under COR in 2021

Meet the APTA Founders

Jim and Dwayne founded APTA in 2011, with their focus on providing in-depth training based on our 3 Pillars of Excellence; Safety, Training & Integrity supporting all areas of Over-Dimensional transportation.

APTA’s team includes highly trained Pilots, Traffic Control, Light Turning and other specialized support teams.

Our dispatchers are experienced Pilots who can put together the team you need.

Over the past 11 years, Our team of Owner-Operators has grown significantly, and our business model has expended to include working with clients in the Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Transportation, Emergency Recovery and Environmental Sectors.

Dwayne Wyllie  —  Jim Roemmich

Founders of Alberta Pilot Truck Alliance

Field Manager   General Manager

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