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APTA is Respected as the Industry Leader in Safety

Making the Roads Safer for Everyone

AB Pilot Truck Alliances' goal is to ensure the safety of the travelling public, our team, and our loads. This is achieved by adhering to our 3 Pillars of Excellence: Safety, Training & Integrity.

Safety is an integral part of APTA’s work.

The key role of the Pilot/Escort is to ensure the safety of all those involved, the travelling public, the valuable load, and the load crew.

The role of the Traffic Control Person (TCP) is similar where the TCP is the front-line contact and is responsible for safeguarding the driving public, workers, equipment operators and any over-dimensional load by warning motorists of danger ahead and guiding them safely through the work zone.

Our Health & Safety Policies are a critical part of our operations and exist to protect our contractors, clients, property, the environment and the travelling public.

APTA operates our Pilot Trucks under a safety program and maintains a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR) in partnership with the Alberta Motor Transport Association. In order to achieve this standard, both management and the employees strive to
meet, or exceed, all legislative and operational requirements.

Safety Focused Training & Orientation

  • Detailed orientation to the company and specifically to the role (Pilot, Traffic Control Person, etc)
  • Drug and alcohol pre-employment and ongoing testing
  • Mandatory completion of APTA-developed and delivered classroom, on-the road and mentoring training
  • On-going certification / re-certification
  • Safety training
    - WHMIS
    - TDG
    - Driver Fatigue Management

See Training for more details

Company-Wide Safety Focus

  • Certificate Of Registration (COR) through Alberta Motor Transport Association
  • Maintain a registration in Complyworks
  • APTA Senior Managers have Safety-based Job Descriptions dedicated to maintaining safety for all
  • APTA Safety Supervisor – responsibile to develop and direct the effective operation of the company safety program.
  • Maintain extensive documentation and tracking of safety and risk awareness, including:
    - Job Hazard Assessments
    - Safety Meetings /tailgate meetings
    - Hazard Identification
    - Safe Operating Procedures and analysis of Job Safety
    - Near Misses

APTA Safety and Due Diligence

Alberta Pilot Truck Alliance and Canadian Pilot Truck Training have suscribed to BIS Safety Software. Their Training Record Management Systems ensures our teams training and certification are always current and up to date.

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